Joy & Simple – Day 14 of Joy


Then we begin making things in our life more simple. Simple may seem boring to some, but it can be so much more refreshing and reviving.

Exodus 15:21 (NIV). Miriam sang to them: “Sing to The Lord, for he is highly exalted. The horse and it’s rider he has hurled into the sea.”

In Exodus 14, The Lord saved Moses, Aaron and the Israelites by parting the Red Sea so they could reach the other side because they were fleeing from Egypt. When the Egyptians tried to follow, The Lord had the sea return back and drowned all the Egyptians that were trying to kill the Israelites.

sing His praises when we wake in the morning, during the day, and when we lie down at night

It is a story of The Lord’s deliverance of His people and shows us how The Lord will save His people. His unfailing love will always prevail over evil. The Lord loved the Israelite’s and promised He would save them.

God never lies to us. God is always there to save His people. Are you one of His people?

After the victory, Moses sang out to The Lord in chapter 15.  His heart was full of joy, happiness and thanksgiving. I’m sure this was a joyful song because his people who he had been promising would be safe, were safe. Everything Moses had been told from God and told the Israelite’s was happening.

Would you not have been happy if you had these Egyptians coming after you to kill you and all of a sudden they drowned in water where you had just walked through and it was dry?

Then after Moses sang, Miriam, Aaron’s sister, sang. She was a prophetess because of her revelations from God and her musical talents. She sang with joy in her heart. She knew this was the work of her Lord.  She knew He had saved them with His hands and she wanted everyone to sing and praise God for what he had done.

I do find it interesting that her song is shorter than Moses song. We should not think her song was not as important since it was shorter. We should not think she was any less of a person than Moses. The Lord was happy with her joyfully singing.  It doesn’t matter to the Lord how long or eloquent your song of praises or your prayers are as long as your heart is right. The Lord knows your heart.

Do you sing and praise God to others when you see Him working in your life?

Do you speak up and tell others how He has won your victories?

Do you exalt The Lord for saving you from your enemies?

Are you joyful knowing God is your protector?

Is your heart right when you are praising or praying to God?

We should all sing His praises when we wake in the morning, during the day, and when we lie down at night. Will you begin exalting and singing His praises to others so they will know the same Lord you do?  Don’t you want them to be saved like the Israelite’s instead of drowning in the sea of fire?

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