Joy & Simple – Day 17 of Joy


23 Work hard and cheerfully at all you do, just as though you were working for the Lord and not merely for your masters,

Work!  Don’t you want to jump up and down so joyfully? Well, some people may but the majority may not.  It depends on what we mean by work.  Some work is fun, some work is not so fun.

What about the single mother of 2 children who has been on her feet for 12 straight hours as a waitress?

What about the foreman in a warehouse who has been working for 12 hours a day for 5 days straight?

What about the woman who works in an office where she is the only Christian?

What about the teenager who is working to help his grandmother who he lives with makes ends meet?

I’m sure every one of these people find their jobs challenging, frustrating, and tiring.

What about Noah building that huge boat, I mean ark, while others ridiculed him? I’m sure building the ark for Noah was a tough job.  I can’t imagine the hours it took since he did not have cranes and electrical tools to help.

What about Moses leading all those people out of Egypt?  I’m sure helping feed and provide for those millions of Hebrews had to be tough.  I’m sure none of us has ever worked in an office that big.  We think it’s tough in an office of 10.

What about Job who was a landowner and livestock owner who lost everything?  Imagine losing everything –  your family, wealth and health.  If we lose a watch, we are devastated.

Over 2000 years ago and even today, people have had to work and at times it was not easy. We see that even with Noah, Moses and Job, working was not always fun and easy, however, we know because of the fall of Adam we have to work.

Why is it then so many people go about their job like it doesn’t matter?

Why is it we complain about having to work?

Why can’t we be JOYFUL in working?

I know some people have really tough jobs. I understand that. I understand some people are not healthy enough to work and it makes working tough.  I understand some days it’s just down right hard. I understand it’s hard.

God never said life was easy, however, he does say in Colossians to work CHEERFULLY AT ALL YOU DO as if WORKING FOR THE LORD.

I’ll be honest with you, it took many years being miserable in my jobs before I understood this. I went to work complaining not being cheerful and I can promise you not working as if for The Lord.

One day while beginning to really study the Bible and spending quiet time with the Lord before work, I realized I was not fulfilling this verse. I read a devotion on this. I was convicted. The Lord spoke to me and made me see I was not fulfilling His Word. I began from that day on trying to be more cheerful and working for my Lord not my boss.

I’m not going to say I was perfect because I wasn’t but I did my best while praying for the Lord’s help.  Guess what happened, I started seeing my boss change.  I started looking at others in the office in a different way.  By me changing my attitude to work for the Lord and not man, work became more JOYFUL.  I began ministering to others by my attitude change. Coworkers would ask what was wrong with me and I could JOYFULLY say it was the Lord. You know the old saying one bad apple can make them all bad, well I think an apple working for the Lord can help change all the other apples.

I know I did not do it on my own strength.  It took me praying, studying, spending time with the Lord.  But guess what?  It was worth it.  Being JOYFUL is a lot more fun than being ill and unhappy.

Are you working for your boss or God?

Are you spreading your unhappiness to others?

Why don’t you spend a few minutes with the Lord before going through your door at work and ask Him for guidance to help you be more JOYFUL. 

I know God will listen and help you if you open the door with Him at work instead of being without Him.

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