Joy & Simple – Day 18 (one day late) of Joy

As you know yesterday was Father’s Day. I went to church yesterday and enjoyed it very much even though my father is not here on earth with me. God decided in 2006, He wanted my dad more. There are days I’m very thankful but their are days I’m not. Yesterday I could have been sad and not very joyful. After church I get a call from my mom and end up at the Emergency Room with her. I still could have been sad.

But was I?

I’m going to be honest!

YES I WAS SAD! I’m not going to not lie. It’s time to be real.

BUT, when we were leaving yesterday, the nurse who carried us out said something so astounding to me. I guess my inner self was being selfish and upset. I said, well what a way to spend Fathers Day, even though, my father is in heaven. She replied and said, “You have honored him today by taking care of his wife, your mom.”

WOW!!!  That hit me right in the heart!

I changed my attitude and MY JOY WAS BACK!

Sometimes it happens, we are not full of joy. But I pray someone or something helps bring your joy back!

I’ll be later for the Day 19 post…..

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